To Be Free of Racism…

    Racism is to look down on races other than one’s own. This unacceptable behavior is present all over the globe. Although nowadays we have come a long way compared to the past, which was filled with racism, discrimination, and segregation, we can never get rid of our plagued past. In the past the ‘blacks’ were treated unfairly, just because of their difference in skin color. For instance, Africans were enslaved as Europeans looked down upon them. Furthermore, in America, around the 1800’s, ‘blacks’ were segregated from the ‘whites’ and were forced to go to other schools, live in other regions, and take different buses. Acts of these kinds have plagued human history, even until recent times. In 2004, people were massacred, merely because of their color in Darfur. This is an act called genocide, the killing of people due to race or ethnicity. In my opinion, we can never be free of racism, due to our fears, influences and pride.

    In the hearts of many people, there is always pre-existing fear. The fear of the unknown, or the fear of something different. A major cause of racism is this fear. It is our human instinct to distance ourselves from things that are foreign…
This has been so since the time when we were hunter-gathers, since anything that wasn’t ‘us’ could be a predator or a rival. This instinct of ours, like the hair on our bodies will never go away. The hairs on our bodies are a trait that we have had since our ancient ancestors, going as far back to the Neanderthals. It is possible that the influence, of this pre-existing fear, over our minds will decrease, but it will still be present within us. 

Adults surround most children during their early years in life. Parents and family are the two factors that have been statistically proven to influence a child’s mind. The only way we can have a racism free world is to ‘cleanse’ the new generations of the idea of racism. However, how is this possible when the purpose school might be trying to achieve – developing an equal world and teaching the children about equality – is countered by what will be learned at home? Most adults, especially the elders, are somewhat racist, or have a prejudice against others or more specifically, ethnicities and races. Just brief discussions on this subject can influence the child to believe what one’s family said was true.

When dealing with racism, one has to deal with its causes. Another core cause of racism, besides fear, is pride. People usually believe that their country or race is above other countries or races. This is what is called being nationalistic. However, once in a while, there are people who are extremely nationalistic, such as Hitler, who saw everyone who wasn’t German as inferior. He was also very racist towards the Jews.

In conclusion, a world without racism or segregation is near to impossible, but its not entirely impossible. Racism is an idea that is present in our minds, and burnt in. A world without racism is like a world without any fighting or negative emotions. It is merely an idea synonymous with utopia, which is highly unlikely. HOWEVER, that does not mean that the world has no hope. I believe that we still have a chance, and even if we probably won’t be able to get rid of racism completely, it is modern society’s requirement, not to be racist. Its just a matter of fact of expressing it or not.

– Artyy


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