Devil’s Advocate

Ladies and gentlemen! If you are a frequent viewer of my blog, or if you’ve been reading some of my previous posts, you may realize that I have a ton of philosophical posts. I’d just like to clarify my stance on some of the things I wrote (not specifically, as that would take too long).

In debate, some people have called me the “devil’s advocate”. I didn’t think much of it until I started to write all these philosophy related posts. As I decided on a topic, I wrote what came to mind. However, there are many times when I took the unpopular side. Now I look back I realized some of these times were for their thrills. Its the thrill of trying to prove a wrong point correct interest me sometimes. Hence, me calling my self the “devil’s advocate” right now.

Some people might not like it, but its fun. Don’t judge me if somethings I write are entirely immoral and unacceptable. Maybe it was just for the fun of it, who knows? But let me tell you, currently most of the posts are my opinions, and not for the fun of it.

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