Apple Gets Ready to Launch: Part I – iOS 5

Hey folks, Arty again, this time writing above Poland, with merely an hour and a half left of the flight (I think I’ve spent around 7 hours watching TV shows and movies). What I’m going to be talking about this time is neither philosophical nor political. Its slightly invading Adr5’s region, but he’s not updating that much, and this isn’t something that I believe he would write about. Since, Adr5 is an Apple hater, and pro-Android and pro-Microsoft. So lets get to the topic.








At the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011, an annual conference where Apple Inc. has announced many of its new products, Steve Jobs has announced a couple of new things.
One of the things that were talked about was the release of iOS 5. It looks absolutely stunning, though it hasn’t had much of a facelift regarding User Interface (UI). So now you probably think I’m a hypocrite. Saying it looks absolutely stunning (a phrase that I think Steve Jobs just loves to use), while saying the UI hasn’t changed that much. Here’s the reason I think its absolutely stunning the changes that are brought, aren’t that major, but something I believe that can ‘persuade’ people not to jailbreak their iPhones / iDevices (this doesn’t supposed to imply that I did not jailbreak my iDevice). The reason I’m talking about jailbreaking is that some of the new features that Apple has announced are some that have existed for quite a while in the jailbreak community. Specifically, this is the notification feature that Apple has added. So wherever you are, let it be while texting, or playing a full screen game, notifications will no longer appear in that annoying blue box, but smoothly appear at the top part of the phone and disappear. Also, the notification(s) can all be viewed when the top part is dragged down, revealing a brand new notification board (?). There are other new features in the iOS 5, such as the update regarding Game Center, (which I will not go into specifics about, because I personally never use Game Center) integrated photo editing, and easy camera accessibility. Lets go in an orderly fashion. Photos editing is not naturally integrated into the iDevice itself, so basic photo editing such as removing red eye and cropping photos can be done quickly. The camera is more easily accessible, as there is now a button on the lock screen itself that takes you directly into the camera application.

Wow, I planned to have all the three things that were launched at the WWDC 2011 covered in one post, but since the part of iOS 5 has dominated nearly around a page (or so it seems on the word document I’m typing into), I’ll split this into two three parts. Keep on visiting ArtyyShire for more updates and posts! AND DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE V-LOG SECTION!

(Click here to go to v-log section)

– Artyy


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