Arty’s Rambles (1)

Hello folks, right now I am on plane, more specifically a 12-hour flight. If you want to be more specific, I am flying over Turkmenistan. Apologies to anyone that’s currently living in Turkmenistan or is a Turkmenistan-ian (?), but I have NO background knowledge at all regarding Turkmenistan. Anyway, to not suffer from jet lag when I reach my destination, it is my ‘job’ to stay up for the whole flight. Now, what do you do when you try to waste 12 hours on a plane? The few things that I found was:

  • Play games on your phone (which is turned on airplane mode)
  • Watch movies being played on the TV screen on the plane
  • Listen to music
  • Play games on your computer (if you have one)
  • Play games on TV (if possible)
  • Write scripts for v-logs (although I never write scripts for v-logs, but then again I only made 2 v-logs :P)

Ok, so up till now, I have watched two movies (‘Rango’ and ‘The Green Hornet’), and a handful of TV dramas (such as ‘Family Guy’ and ‘House’). Right now, I’m writing a blog post (obviously) and listening to music. When I get bored of writing, or if I run out of ideas, or I get a sudden urge to play games, I’ll start gaming. Anyway so the plan right now is to write a ton of blog posts in Microsoft Word, and then post them from time to time when I touch down at my destination. So, see you all soon!

– Artyy

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