Apple Gets Ready to Launch: Part III – Conclusion and Etc.

Hello folks, this is Part III to the ‘Apple Gets Ready to Launch’ trilogy (?). This time I’m writing above Netherlands, a great country (after my visit to the Hague for THIMUN – link to post – I have grown fond of Holland). This means all three posts regarding Apple’s WWDC 2011 was written over 3 countries, something that you readers usually don’t get every day. This can only mean one thing. I am one really passionate blogger, since I’ve worked hard and have written around 4+ pages worth of posts. Anyway now to the conclusion of the trilogy! 


All the three things that were mentioned at the WWDC 2011 have been covered. However, there are a few things that people caused people to be disappointed about, regarding the WWDC 2011.


The first thing that caused people to be disappointed, was the status of Steve Jobs’ health. At this WWDC 2011, he looked even thinner than his last appearance, which was for the release of the iPad 2. Due to this, stocks fell that day by 1% (may be a factual flaw, please excuse me as once again, I am writing this on an airplane).


The next thing that people were sad about was that there was no ‘big bang!’ Usually at the WWDC’s there is a gigantic release, such as the release of an iPhone, however, this year there was no mentioning of an iPhone 5, only the mentioning of the release of iOS 5.


Even with these ‘disappointments’ I think that the products that Apple has unveiled is marvelous (maybe not the iCloud, but what the heck). Maybe not as big as previous ‘unveilings’ but its still something that’s big. Anyway, all these ‘products’ will be release during Fall 2011, so stay tune to that, and also stay tuned to my blog!


– Artyy


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