Immortality: A Wrong Choice?

If you’re a frequent viewer of my blog, it’s pretty obvious that I write quite a lot of philosophical stuff (well its not exactly philosophical, but I’m not sure what else to categorize it under). Here’s another philosophical post (one that would be less hated by people compared to some of my other posts, possibly).


Old stories tell of kings and emperors who wanted to obtain immortality. However, here is what I don’t get. Why would anyone want to be immortal? In modern society people always say, “I want to live a long life.” This is acceptable, but why would anyone want to be immortal? Of course, if you are a person in a very authoritative position, it will allow you to ‘enjoy’ the luxurious life couple years (maybe hundreds of years) more. But, even if you can rule over a country for eternity, wouldn’t it be sad seeing your loved ones die, the inability to die, or to see people age and suffer? It doesn’t matter how cruel and heartless someone is. Every single person in the world has a heart.


So in conclusion, what I think is that its quite absurd how people long, yearn for immortality. It’s just not worth it in my opinion. So to not be a person who wants to be immortal, you should live life as it is. Enjoy your life, and don’t do things that you could regret in the future.


I think I’m making sense, but if I’m not making any sense, feel free to just ignore what I’ve been saying… Or if you understood what I was trying to say, feel free to possibly respond to what I’ve been saying. Oh and even if you didn’t understand it, you can leave comments regarding what parts were unclear.


– Artyy


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