Death is Equivalent to Justice?

Hello folks, this time I’m not on a plane, but rather a train, more specifically a four hour train ride. If you haven’t guessed already, my destination for the flight was ENGLAND! Now, I’m on my way from London to the cold Scotland. Its not a good thing, because even London was cold. Yesterday it rained for the whole day and I think it was around 7˚? I mean come on… Its summer! Shouldn’t it be warm and bright? Not cold and rainy? Ok, I’ll get back to the thing I’m supposed to be writing about.


Recently, I think about a few days ago, American Secretary of Defense, Hilary Clinton announced that Somali forces killed a high ranked Al-Qaeda figure, who was thought to have led the 1998 Embassy bombings. Like Osama Bin Laden, this guy was also killed on sight. However, if they were truly guilty, shouldn’t our society which is based on the policy of justice have tried to trial them? Of course it is a very pain stalking process that consumes tons of time, but how does killing someone bring justice? Killing leads to more killing. Also, shouldn’t people that have committed mass murder or a massive terror attack live to suffer instead of dying painlessly without suffering?


A counter argument can come up for this (I’m trying to portray both sides of the picture here). Isn’t being chased into hiding, living in places without internet nor communication access, with millions of dollars as a bounty on your head be a proper punishment? It may, but I just don’t think that appeals for me. Anyway if you have any personal thoughts about this, don’t hesitate to comment!!!


– Artyy


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