Al-Qaeda’s New Number One

Earlier today, it was reported by news agencies that Al-Qaeda has chosen its number one, quinoa to replace Osama Bin Laden. Like the hell dog, if you cut the head, another has grown back. The Americans, with their on going war on terrorism, has issued a 25 million (?) dollar bounty for his head.

So who is this new number one is Al Zawahiri (sorry if I slept it wrong, it’s a bit long)? He is thought to have been the person in charge of handling Bin Laden’s health issues when he was in hiding.

Now the Americans have a new target to seek for, but will it finish of Al-Qaeda? We can only wait anxiously.


P.S when I have a steadier stream of Internet (longer actually) I’ll be posting my thoughts on this with more information (I actually wrote most of this offline)


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