Taliban Talks With America

Today it has been revealed by Afghan President, that the Taliban – an extremist group thought to be affiliated with Al-Qaeda, which terrorizes Afghanistan – has been having secret peace talks with the Americans. However, merely hours later to the President of Afghanistan’s statement, a suicide attack occurred in the center of Kabul, which the Talibans have claimed was their doing. 

From this, multiple questions arise. Firstly, are the peace talks announced by the President of Afghanistan legit? If such peace talks have been occurring, how is it that we have not heard any official statements from the American government, and why did a suicide attack take place? Secondly, the question is who are the people that the American forces talking with? Is it merely a faction of the Taliban that is thinking of defecting? No official statements have been released, however it is possible that it is not someone within the high rankings, as if it were, why would they have ordered a suicide attack directly after the President of Afghanistan’s public statement? Thirdly, is America finally amending their foreign policies regarding not negotiating with terrorists? Or is it that America no longer sees the Taliban as a terrorist organization, as they are no longer sanctioned against under the same umbrella as Al-Qaeda by the United Nations Security Council?

Updates to follow soon, when more information is released by news agencies.

– Artyy


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