Travel to England: Intro

England is the home of HM (her majesty) the Queen. It is also the father of many geniuses and the home of some of the world’s best colleges, as well as the home to many architecturally brilliant cities. This summer, I got a chance to visit this wonderful country, which rivals with America as the intellectual power house.

When most people visit England, they visit London and say that they have visited England. This is a lie. You do not know England unless you have at least visited three or more cities. For me I visited six cities in a course of two weeks. Every city I visited was different, both in atmosphere and architecture. In this post (and many more to come, if I feel I should split it up into different posts for every city) I shall describe, review, and present the best places to go, and some places you should definitely avoid, along the line of shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions. So stay tuned.


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