Rambles: The Bad Socializer?

Hey folks! This time I have absolutely nothing in particular to write about! YIPPEY! I do have the travel review I have to write, but I’m pushing that aside for now. Ladies and Gentlemen, guess what time it is! Its 6 am over here! You might not think thats too early, but I have actually been awake since 2: 30 am! Now isn’t that great (sarcasm intended)?! After one hour of sleep (after I reached home, I won’t count how long I slept on the plane), I suffered from jetlag and have been awake for around 4 hours! Thank heavens schools out! I don’t know why, but for some reason, I started to miss school (though its only been a few weeks since summer started). I think it just explains the addiction I have to the lively and kind (?) school atmosphere. Without school, life is… bland (never thought I’d say it). Maybe its because so many people I knew (some of them close friends) left. Oh and for all you readers out there that have been looking at my blog for a while, Adr5 and Johannes (though he STILL hasn’t written anything) has left. Not the blog, but left my school. Its sad, especially because I was really close to Adr5. Now this brings us to the topic of… friends and relationships. Okay, to be frank I am yet to be in a relationship (not friendship, but you probably know what I mean). I’m not THAT close with friends (I think) and I am sort of cold hearted (maybe its because of my liking in being so argumentative). I feel sort of isolated from society. I’m starting to try and ‘bond’ with some people, and chat with people and all, but I still feel a bit left out. Or am I just dramatizing things? I just had some ‘self-realization’ that I’m good at talking (not good, but I love talking), but to the side of debating and stuff. I’m not good at socializing, at least thats what I’ve found out of myself.

I think I don’t have anything else to ramble about, and to sum it up this post went from me having jetlag, to school, to relationships, to my bad socializing skills. I think thats exactly what you call a ramble! This is Artyy, and I’m signing off (so I can hopefully sleep)!

– Artyy


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