Everything is Possible

After days after days of thinking of blog topics, this is one of the things that struck me. “Everything is Possible”. What does this mean? Well, its pretty straight forward. People say things are impossible, and there is no way that could happen, and stuff like that. However, my belief is that there is no such thing as impossible, and therefore, everything is possible.

People that oppose this idea may refute my statement with thing such as how its impossible for us to grow a third eye or read minds and stuff like that. However, these people must understand that the possibility of the big bang happening was extremely low (I am just ‘assuming’ the big bang did happen, if not it would have been way too technical). Yet it still happened. Once again, the ‘non-believers’ lets call them ‘pessimists’ for the time being, could argue that the big bang can not be given as an example, due to the fact that its merely a theory and there is not enough ‘material’ evidence to prove it (even though there is quite a lot of evidence that indicate the big bang could have happend). Now lets jump billions of years after the big bang. The evolution of humans. Based on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, we evolved from the ape family, and are our closest relatives are chimpanzees. Now just by vaguely thinking of it, what would have been the possibility for us humans to evolve to be the ONLY complex being on our planet? I’m guessing the chances aren’t quite high, seeing as there haven’t been other complex beings on Earth before (at least there hasn’t been any remains of complex beings).

This just further proves my point of how everything is possible, no matter how low the possibility may be. Therefore, things that I have suggested in the past like a world without borders, or the eradication of racism, or the implementation of the hybrid between democracy and communism (which is similar to socialism, but a bit different) can happen.

– Artyy

P.S. This post might not be as ‘exciting’ or well written compared to my previous ‘works’ due to the fact I’m a bit rusty and this topic wasn’t that good of a topic to write about than I originally thought it was…


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