The Theory of Humans

The human race is made up of flaws. Actually we are the flaws. We were made to work our way up to perfection on the pyramid of life. God created us with flaws, for a reason. It is because our flaws are what makes us unique. And so we must try and work our way up till perfections. Though we try, we will never accomplish it. However we must keep on trying, for that is our moral. And if we do not keep trying, our reason for creation will simply fall apart. For we are what we are, and we are a race that must work up to the top of the pyramid of life to achieve perfection – which is impossible – for when one improves on one area of knowledge, another falls. And even Einstein asked questions, and he was still later known as a genius because he dared what most people wouldn’t. He climbed the pyramid. He saw its glory, and treasure. The Human Principal is what we follow, but it is just that we do not know it. When someone makes mistakes, they learn from it – which is another, few steps up the pyramid. Also when someone asks questions, they are open-minded and wish to venture up, so our Principal is nothing more than trying to get perfection.

Some may ask about Buddha, or Jesus Christ. For they were humans that were worshipped as gods, however they are a special case. For they had what we do not have, a holy spirit, though they had a human vessel, their spirits were holy. Thus not being able to be applied to this theory. And from the bible it says that when the time comes, those that believe will be granted passage to heaven, and given eternal life. However, as a human this is impossible. It goes against nature unless done by scientific methods. But if the Holy Spirit is in us it may be true.

Though some people are atheists and don’t believe in a supreme ruler, they believe we were created by evolution, in which many may believe as well as their religion, and even with this term of evolution, the path must have been made. Since we evolved, and got the names Homo sapiens – the human that uses tools. This is what was the first step on the pyramid of life. Evolution is step before, and inventions are another small step. Just following your average life you are still going up the pyramid. But if an individual tries to reach perfection, let it be, for he or she has taken the risk to learn, to advance, and to understand what they had been created for. We weren’t created for war, destruction or construction. We were created to understand. War and destruction are our flaws and out way of climbing is construction. This theory fits everywhere, for emotions, new technology, and even books. For emotions such as anger, hatred and jealousy are our flaws, and new technology is another advancement. While books are the same as technology but it is for a step of creativity.


– Artyy


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