Destiny Is Made By You

In olden times, it was thought that one’s destiny was set in stone. However, nowadays it is believed that man himself creates his own destiny. This means that one’s life is based on one’s system of beliefs, rather than one’s circumstances. In many cases in history, it can be observed that anything is possible, if a lot of effort is put into it.

An example of how the future or one’s life isn’t based on the circumstances is the world-famous Korean celebrity, Rain. Before reaching the zenith of his fame, he was an average, not so financially well of person. He practiced extremely hard, and made his debut. However, many people doubted him and did not believe he would succeed. Time passed, and his fame spread world-wide. Now he is both a world-renowned singer and actor, and even owns his own entertainment agency, which manages ‘MBLAQ’.

The circumstances which we are born with can be escaped, as displayed by the Korean celebrity, Rain, and we can set our own future and destiny with our own beliefs. In other words, we reap what we sow, which means what ever we work for now, we gain the benefits later on. Therefore, the actions we take now, will affect us in the future, meaning we should take our destiny into our own hands, instead of hopelessly waiting there for the ‘mistakenly thought’ fate that is predestined for us, when we were born.

– Artyy


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