Five Songs That (May) Instantly Put You In A Better Mood

This is a simple listing of five great, fabulous, fresh, and up-beat songs that are guaranteed to get you up on your feet or singing your head off. Summer is a time to let your freak flag fly, a time where you can be yourself, a time where no one will judge you in any way, because everyone is busy being themselves anyway (hey, that rhymes)! So sit back, or dance around, for that matter, and listen to these beautiful songs as they enter the very deepest depths of your soul. These songs will definitely make you happy, I assure you.

  1. Taken For A Fool – the Strokes: Something about the awesome guitar riffs and catchy drum beats in this song make it an addiction for anyone who listens. Julian Casablancas’ (vocals) voice rings throughout, like a stinging yet pleasurable sound you constantly want to imitate.
  2. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You – Black Kids (Twelves Remix): The song practically has one verse of confusing lyrics that are constantly repeated throughout the song. It may seem boring at first, but the rhythm of the song is just really great to dance to, and the singer’s voice is whiny and pleading, just fitting for the song’s meaning.
  3. Black Treacle – Arctic Monkeys: The Arctic Monkeys have hit us once again with an amazing new album! Back from their desert-like, sizzling yet smooth and odd lyrics of Humbug, they have switched gears and moved on, to create a combination between Josh Homme (producer of Humbug)’s influences and Alex Turner’s own creations. This song is my recommendation out of all of the twelve tracks of perfection, so it is pretty amazing.
  4. Electric Feel -MGMT: Before going into their more “rock”-like phase, MGMT’s first album contained a lot of psychedelic tunes, such as Electric Feel. This song is the epitome of electric pop and psychedelia mixed into one, and the bonus is that the video is breathtakingly beautiful as well!
  5. In Transit – Albert Hammond Jr.:  This song is beautiful for inexplicable reasons. It has a simple melody and simple lyrics, and yet it puts my heart at ease every time I listen to it. Unlike the other four songs listed above, this song is less “active”, but creates a bigger impact to the soul and mind. It is just capable of cheering someone up, to be frank.


– Suh

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