With Obstacles, You Become Better

It is said the greatest heroes shine when darkness approaches. This saying, could mean heroes such as warriors, but it can also be implied for normal people. When comparing those who have faced hardships during their life and those who have not, the difference between them is obvious. Those who have faced their hardships and overcame them have brighter characters, and have discovered who themselves are. Many great people in history did not become great people without facing hardships. They are great people due to the fact that they had come over their hardships.

A great classical composer, Beethoven composed numerous well-known classical pieces, such as ‘Fur Elise’, ‘Ode to Joy’, and many others. For any composer or musician the ability to hear is considered to be the most important. However, Beethoven lost his ability to hear during his middle ages. Most would have believed that this was the death of Beethoven, the greatest composer. Nevertheless, Beethoven continued to write, despite his disability. During this time, Beethoven composed numerous pieces still known to us today. It is also said that the pieces composed after his hearing loss were the best, compared to those before.

Another person who is well known for overcoming the hardship and discovering who he is, is the current Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban-Ki-Moon. Now known as one of the most successful and influential person in the world, Mr. Ban Ki Moon has been selected again to lead the United Nations for an additional term as its’s Secretary General. However, Mr. Ban was not always well-known. Growing up in the country side, he lacked a proper education, due to the World War that was going on at the time. During the aftermath of World Wart II, the economic, financial, and political status was highly unstable in Korea. However, he overcame such difficulties by befriending American soldiers and learning English from them. From humble beginnings, he now stands as one of the most influential person today.

From the examples stated above, it is lucid, that facing hardship brings out the best in people, and allow them to discover themselves. Hardships are just like a great fire. However, people are like phoenixes. They become reborn from the smallest sparks of fire.


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