An Opportunity in Disguise

Life is filled with crises, both small or big. However, no matter how big the crises are, when viewed from a certain perspective, these crises are just opportunities in disguise. It is our objetive as ‘victims’ of crises to identify the opportunities given to us. The opportunity awaded to us can yield many more opportunities that may eventaully lead to sucess. A majority of those who achieved the title of “Great Person” have faced crises and were given the opportunity to shine.

Many people dream of becoming famous and well-known. This was the case for the famous, multi-billionaire author, J.K. Rowling. Now a famous author author due to her action packed Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling is richer than the Queen of England. However, her current financial and social situation is incomparable to her situation when she was writing her first Harry Potter book. While writing the first book, she had recently divorced, unemployed, and had a newborn baby. In the midst of her crises, she sat at a cafe in Edinburgh and started writing. From his humble beginnings her works developed into the famous book series we know today, due to her constant effort and her ability to overcome her crisis.

Another example of how crises yield opportunities is the early life of Barack Obama, the curent President of the United States of America. Prior to when Obama decided he would be active in politics, he was facing an identity crisis. Born as a black in a white family, with a black father, who would eventually leave this family a few years later. During Obama’s high school life, he was discriminated against, due to his skin color. These racist acts committed by his peers would lead to his low self-esteem and befriending the wrong people. However, during this phase, he had an epiphany about how social conditions are unfair. From this sudden realization, he realized he wanted to be a community organizer, to aid those living in unfair social conditions. After doing so, he majored law in Chicago University and went to Harvard Law School, to be able to make a bigger change.

It is obvious from the examples mentioned above that just because on is in midst of a crisis, it doesn’t entail the end of the world. one should not despair, but instead look for the opportunities that come along with the crises as two sides of the same coin. Those who suffer from crises are like phoenixes, and rise from the ashes, after finding the light in the darkness.


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