Animal Testing

Over time, people have started to oppose animal testing, due to the frequent animal cruelty acts that are performed during testing, and the disregard of animal rights. However, one fails to see the positive side of animal testing, if done within the boundaries of ethics.

As our medical knowledge advances, more complicated surgical methods develop. However, performing these newly developed surgical methods on human beings are not allowed due to it’s unconfirmed mortality rate and success rate. Doctors, instead of experimenting on humans, practice these possible future life saving practices on animals. This can also be said for new medicine and other products such as suncream, make-up and others of that line.

It is highly possible that anti-animal testing people or just generally animal lovers would have been outraged by the paragraph above. They would probably refute by mentioning animal rights and question whether animals are not as important as people. Well, let’s say Charles Darwin’s theory regarding evolution is true (there are still those who deny the fact we look similar to apes and that we are closely related to them). Then that would mean apes, one of the most frequently experimented animals, are our distant cousins. Therefore, we shouldn’t think of ourselves as ‘superior’.

Now back to the question at hand. Animal testing is our only way to advance in medical areas and other places. However, animals are also living organisms and have rights. The thing to do when faced with such issue is come to a compromise. We need animal testing, but we should also respect the other species we share this planet with. Therefore, I propose and suggest that animal testing be performed within the boundaries of ethics. Just that single statement would be extremely vague and obscure. How would we decide what the boundaries of ethics are? To decide such thing we could set up a board of ethics, composed of animal rights activists (those willing to negotiate) and medical doctors. My personal opinion of what should be allowed is usage of animals for medical purposes. However no company should be allowed to use animals or any living organism to test their products, whether it be make-up or anything else.


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