Animal Rights. Think About It.

<  Hey guys! Its me again! Its been over a month since I last posted, and I realized that posting on my blog is actually really helpful. Whether it be just for making speeches in MUN, writing in general, or even just sorting out what I feel and think about. So I’ve decided that no matter what, I should post at least once a week. Even though I’m busy, I SHALL COMMIT! Or at least try. Just a heads up, most of my posts will PROBABLY be during the weekends, so look forward to that! Also, today’s post will be more of a ramble than a persuasive post, so just bear with me! 😀  >

Although the last post I wrote (which was a month ago) was also about animal rights, I think I should come back to it. Some interesting points came into my head about this topic when I was walking around yesterday, so I thought I should write about it and make it known to the world. zEvery now and then, there are posters and activists going on and talking about how animals also deserve rights like humans, because they are also living organisms, which can feel emotions, as well as pain. To donate to this ’cause’ people become vegetarians and activists. However, one thing that I have never seen someone talking about the rights of marine life (I assume there are people that talk about it, but since I haven’t seen anyone talk about it, I’m going to assume that its generally not done). When I say the ‘rights of marine life’ it means about all sea creatures, instead of just dolphins and whales. Some people might not even see this as noteworthy, but if animal rights activists go around saying that the reason animals deserve rights are because they are living organisms, why shouldn’t fish? Even though they are small, fish are still living organisms that can feel pain (I assume). Just because of their size, I don’t think fish should be looked down upon. If your going to be advocating for animal rights, you should also include marine life.


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