Questioning Authority is Key to Thriving

Hello people! I’m back (again)! INCREDIBLY SORRY for not meeting up with my last promise about posting weekly. Things got REALLY hectic. However, I do have a couple of posts already saved for you guys so NO NEED TO WORRY! I’ll make sure to post another post sometime this week, but till then! Enjoy~


Our world is shaped by the decisions of authoritative figures that indoctrinate their beliefs, regardless of their moral and ethical rightness. Out of the obedient drones that follow their decisions mindlessly, there are a few who dare to speak out and question authority.


During the suppressive times of the Roman Church, one man thought differently and questioned its beliefs. Galileo Galilee went against the, then, universally accepted belief that the Earth was flat as well as the center of the universe, by proposing that it was actually spherical and that the universe revolved around the sun. Outraged by such ‘preposterous’ theory, the Roman Church censored his book and placed him under house arrest. Even under such conditions, Galileo continued to challenge the church.


There were others who wouldn’t be subjected to the supreme and suppressive regime. In the min-1900s when the British were in control of India, the Indians were treated no better than slaves. British people would be allowed to throw Indians off the train, make them crawl in their preserve without impunity, as the government advocated those actions. In order to free India from the clutches of the British government, Gandhi arranged protests and began challenging authority. Those who were in line with and instilled by British beliefs, were moved by Gandhi’s painstaking efforts bring upon freedom. The fact that the British government perceived them as rebels at first and imprisoned them was irrelevant. Eventually, through multiple efforts, Gandhi and his followers brought change to India, and its independence.


Throughout history, people have been brainwashed by the ideas of authoritative figures and explicitly forbidden from speaking out. Even though speaking out may bring consequences, when it comes to challenging the wrong ideas, such action is necessary. Examples in history portray that correction old errors and putting and end to wrong actions is important.


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