Importance of H2O

There are a few things that every living organism on this world needs. One of them is H2O, water. Humans aren’t an exception. Since the ancient civilizations, water has played a key role in our lives. However, our precious water may be running out.

Contrary to people’s belief, water is limited, or at least it has become limited. In elementary, children are taught that water is unlimited, due to the water cycle. However, when we extract huge quantities of water, and not returning it to the environment, water does become limited. The way the earth works is that water from lakes and oceans are evaporated into clouds and then it is returned to the ground in the form of rain. When water returns to the ground, it can flow into the river or get absorbed by the ground and then transferred to underground aquifers. As the world becomes more urbanized and cities paved with cement, concrete and asphalt, water can no longer proceed with its natural cycle. Not only that, it doesn’t help that businesses are dumping waste into rivers and lakes.

With our water supply decreasing and being polluted at the same time, our end is coming close. Do what you can to save the amount of water you use, whether it is drinking water or tap water, if you don’t, its time to bid the world good bye.


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