New Year’s Edition: You Are Unique

<While I was eating lunch today, two things struck me (not literally). One of it was that today was New Year’s eve (I’ve been really distracted lately). The second thing is that I forgot to wish all of you readers a merry late Christmas. So merry late Christmas and a happy early New Year! So I decided that I’ll write two short posts for today. Both of them will be of a casual feel, but the first one will be about the usual topics and the second post will be about my personal stuff like how I spent my christmas and stuff.>

<A while back, I talked about how society was ruined by modern day entertainment, how people have been indoctrinated to believe that skinny is good. Today is of a similar topic, which is appearance and self confidence. This post is actually dedicated to one of my friends, because I thought of this topic while talking to her.>

Whether it be because of modern day entertainment, or a friend who you think is better than you, over time more and more people have developed a low self-esteem. Not only that, as we become more aware to the other 6 billion people on this planet through means such as media, we have also began to compare ourselves with others. However,we must remember that we are all unique, and that we are incomparable with others.

Each pair of genes that you have are different from another’s. What you have, someone else may lack, and what he or she has, you may lack. However, the way our body is made, biologically or spiritually, we possess things that make up for the things we lack. Though humans look similar, we are very different. Whats the point of being ‘attractive’ if their personality is horrible? Maybe what you “supposedly” lack in looks are made up by your superb personality. Therefore, I stress again.We are all unique. If we try comparing ourselves to others, its like comparing an apple and an orange. Another thing that plagues us is our tendency to be very harsh on ourselves. Though you may see yourself as very untalented in something, when comparing yourself to someone else, others may see you as very talented in that exact same thing.

In conclusion, don’t be harsh on yourself. Who every you are, reading this, just be reminded, that you are special.


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