Controversy of Advocating Democracy Against Marxism

Since its implementation, communism has been opposed by multiple governments. This is the case during the Vietnam War when the American government sanctioned the intervention in Vietnam in order to enact their policy of containment and therefore prevent the spread of communism. However, such actions against communism are in fact controversial due to a variety of reasons.

The fact that nations will go to war in order to stop the implementation of Marxism and advocate democracy is ironical. The objective of all nations, outlined in the principle of democracy, UN Charter, and the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, is to bring equality amongst its people. However, Marxism, which effectively accomplishes such thing is surprised and hated by other forms of governments, mainly those which run under a democratic system.

In addition to such reasons, there is also the fact that Marxism isn’t essentially bad, as it tackles issues that plague and causes the debate amongst governmental authorities such as decreasing the wealth gap. As the asserts of a nation are equally, or near equally, distributed between members of the state by the government, the wealth gap between the rich and the poor are become smaller and smaller.

In conclusion, the idea of Karl Marx is not a bad idea, but the problem is that other more effective ways of implementing it besides the current communist system must be established so that governments aren’t allowed to exploit its totalitarian powers. By doing such things, it will prevent human rights violations, which generally occur in communist nations and eradicate the criticism present against the Marxist idea.


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