Small Brings Big Change

Incidences in history have indicated that small ideas and small groups can bring upon change of any magnitude. There is no barricade which prevents a small group from expressing their opinions and changing the world. Change can be brought without an overwhelming number of people; sometimes individuals and a few friends can bring change.

In the 1800s, racial inequality was a cancerous idea, which took its place in the minds of the general population. In an attempt to combat this immoral idea, Equiano Oaludah and a small group of people started breaking down the wall of racial inequality, brick-by-brick. Equiano, who was once a slave, published literary works, such as the well-known narrative based on his life as a slave in order to create awareness of the conditions of slavery. This book became the catalyst of a chain of events, which would soon happen. With its detailed accounts of his times a slave, the book changed the minds of both the ‘whites’ and the African-Americans alike. Eventually, Equiano and his people would abolish slavery in parts of America. Not only does Equaino’s success to bring upon radical change show the power of an individual, but also emphasizes the importance of determination rather than having huge amounts of people.

Although it is hard to believe that individuals and small groups of thoughtful citizens could bring change, it is evident that such methods are in fact effective. it is possible that without such initiatives taken by these small groups, our society may be in a more chaotic and unfair state.


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