Rwanda Revisited. The Call of Humanity

After watching the documentary “Ghosts of Rwanda”, I became infuriated about how little to none action was taken to save the people of Rwanda from such a gruesome genocide/massacre. How are we supposed to rely on the international community, when they only take action when it pertains to their national interest? For example, when America was asked to supply UN Peacekeepers to aid the situation in Rwanda, President Clinton said that the US will only support military intervention if it pertains to national interest. In addition to that, the nations of the world avoided the word ‘genocide’ to describe the situation in Rwanda, as it would be legally required to take action to prevent it. Is it not disgusting how nations could just ignore the call of humanity? With more than 800,000 people massacred in 100 or so days, it is disturbing how the leaders of that time could be called leaders, when they did not help the people in need. The people in charge must take action. We can not let something so horrendous happen again. Whether it be a civil war or a food crisis, the international community must work together and bring an end to it quickly. The situation in Syria has been ongoing for the past year. The international community has merely sat in their chairs and talked about ‘possible solutions’. Of course there is the whole issue of China and Russia being against intervention, but there has not been enough effort from the leaders to overcome that. Also, it is just impossible to believe that two nations, China and Russia would be against intervention in Syria because of their general policy of being against intervention. There are countless people being killed by Pro-Assad forces, and more human rights violation going on. How can they just sit there and watch? The world must change. Leaders must be more caring. Policies should become made case-by-case. The UN itself must change as well. Without such changes, we will continue to ignore the calls of humanity. Change must be brought.

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