Fight Piracy Now!

Piracy is a recurring issue, which has been in the ‘to-do’ list of the United Nations for years. It is becoming more widespread around Somalia, due to its high earnings and low amounts of risk. Now, what are the United Nations and the rest of the international community doing to apprehend these criminals and bring a halt to the pirate activity in Somalia? The answer to that question is: not enough.

Despite the operations of the international naval task forces such as the Combined Taskforce 150, 151, and EU naval task force, the number of pirate attacks is rising day-by-day. Last year, a record number of 237 vessels were attacked, while £100 million was paid for the release of 31 vessels. Solutions that will tackle the root of piracy must be made. First off, Somalia must become more politically and economically stable. With three autonomous regions: Puntland, Galmudug, and Somaliland, the nation does not have sufficient resources and capabilities to combat the piracy by itself. On the other hand, economic instability and joblessness drive citizens into piracy, as it is a quick way to earn cash and solve their problems. In addition to that, pirates are rarely caught and even if they are caught, only a handful is successfully tried. From 1999, 4,000 pirates have been detained, while only 800 have been successfully tried. To our horrors, none of these 800 pirates have completed their sentence. Also, due to the nature of the international law that deals with pirate trials, the nation which detains the pirates are allowed to try the pirate in their own national court. This only results in further issues, as there is no consistency in trying pirates.

With each passing second without a solution to this issue, innocent civilians and weaponry travelling through the horn of Africa is in danger. Save these people from the clutches of danger. Save Somalia from its destruction. Save it from political anarchy. The United Nations needs to take action. Without action, piracy will continue to remain.


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