Revamp the UN

The United Nations is an international organization that aims to achieve unity amongst nations and the improvement of our world. It operates by having multiple ‘committees’ in which specific issues are addressed. With 193 member states, the UN is surely the organization closest to achieving world peace and solving dire political issues. However, the UN has flaws that hinder its steps towards world peace and finding solutions to the world’s many problems. These flaws include holding onto old mindsets, unwillingness to change, and overly complicated bureaucracy.

As the UN was established in the 1940s, the Permanent Five (P5) nations in the Security Council with veto power were the super powers of those times. In the past 70 or so years, new super powers and economic powerhouses such as BRIC have emerged. In addition to that, more nuclear states have also emerged such as Pakistan, India, and possibly Israel and Iran. It is time for the UN to accept that the world is changing and new powers are emerging in Asia, Middle East, as well as South America. The Security Council can only have the same veto nations for so long.

Not only should there be a change in the veto holding nations, but there should be a change in the ways in which things should run. The Security Council is designated as the committee that will decide all politically challenging issues. However, how can we leave monumental issues to be decided by 15 nations? Even though they are the world’s “super powers” the UN must enforce their ideals of equality.

Like everything in this world, the UN, must undergo change. The things that I have talked about are merely few aspects of the UN that must change. There are more that can change about the UN. With the changes made, the UN can finally operate at its full capacity and effectively solve the issues plaguing our world today.


P.S. I am a very UN-loving person. However, I posted this in my frustration about how useless the UN is when it comes to sensitive issues like Syria. A year of stasis. Nothing happening. More human rights violations and killings.


2 responses to “Revamp the UN

  1. Great article. I agree the UN is in dire need of reform. The first thing that should be done is to eliminate the Security Council veto. No single country should be able to obstruct the will of the international community.

  2. Well the thing of the veto is that the “super powers” don’t react violently and uncooperatively to actions that might be decided in the UN. So its a safe-guard. Of course, by right it should be there in the first place, but without it, nations could leave the UN or not even listen to it at all (even though a few nations don’t). So thats another issue entirely… Or at least in my perspective

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