Chris the New Guy and the Gut Instinct

“If there’s one thing that life’s taught me it’s never go back for your bag” – Tricia McMillan – Mostly Harmless – Douglas Adams

Point 1: Hi my name’s Chris, and I’m a new author on ArtyyShire

Point 2: I’m a straight guy, contrary to what that quote might say. In fact, that quote sums up what I would like to talk about: Seizing chances. Not often in life, an opportunity will present itself that you must act on straight away, no hesitations, no consultations, no time to “go back for your bag”. I think that some people take too long over decisions, and in life, we have to trust our gut instinct.

That’s really what I want to talk about, gut instinct. Is it a beneficial tool in the human psyche? Are snap decisions based on nothing else but some innate voice influencing our decision? You see a lot of successful businessmen saying, “I just did it based on my gut reaction”, and many other “I didn’t think, I just did.”

Personally, I don’t believe that this is the right attitude to take towards life. Though it may seem that our snap decisions have some sort of intuitive judgement, that is always right, no matter what, I firmly believe that to make important decisions in life, there is no substitute to sitting down with all the facts laid out in front of you, and carefully weighing up the pros and cons in your mind. This ensures that you’ve looked at all the options objectively, and that you’ll make a right decision for you.

While gut instinct can compel people to save lives, I don’t think it should be used at all in decisions where you have time. If you use instinct to save time, then you can’t guarantee you’ve made the right decision. If the right decision turns out to be what your instinct told you all along, then well done, but at least by thinking it through you have full confidence that you’ve made a correct decision.

Point 3: You look lovely today.


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