Looking Beneath the Flashy Words and Colors

Promotion plays a significant role in modern society, as various similar natured products compete against each other in order to generate the highest amount of income, and promotion is what lets one product stand out from the countless others. This is especially so, in the magazine industry, since its exponential growth in popularity years back. In order to compete in the highly competitive market, magazines have begun to employ special marketing techniques in their front pages, in an effort to distinguish themselves from other magazines. These magazine publishing companies have therefore employed a myriad of techniques such as the use of impacting photos, color schemes, and font distortion.

The general magazine has a high-definition photo as the background, on top of which fonts and other images are overlaid. These high-definition photos can range from colorful photos to content-oriented photos, which can be used to target specific audiences. For example, a magazine could use a photo of a desecrated beach in order to spark emotions within environmentally conservative individuals and environment activists.

Another widely used technique amongst magazines is the use of color schemes. Whether it be children or adults, human beings are naturally attracted to certain colors, therefore magazine publishers use this to their advantage to increase popularity and the chances of an unaware individual becoming a customer. Countless magazines use a color scheme revolving around the color red in order to highlight the picture or object that is in red, or highlight the picture or object surrounded by red, as red is a very provoking and adored color by the majority of people.

It is without doubt, that font distortion is used in every commercial magazine, as it is one of the most rudimentary methods of emphasizing a specific point. By increasing the font of a certain phrase, compared to the rest of the magazine, that certain phrase stands out more. In addition to that, tilting words causes a curiosity effect on consumers, making them ponder why those words were tilted, and ensuring that they look at those words.

It is evident that magazine publishers have only been able to stay in business for decades and continue to generate millions of dollars, due to such techniques. These techniques impact the psychology of the human mind and cause an urge for readers to pick up the magazine and start flipping through its pages.


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