Racists Be Gone!

<Hi all! Seeing that from tomorrow until Sunday I’ll be at a formal event, I might not be able to post as much as I want to (seeing that I want to get back to the weekly blog post plan). Anyways, ENJOY!>

There are people in the world who believe that certain races are inferior to others. Society calls these people racists. I believe the term racist is too weak of a word to describe people with those horrid beliefs. Racism, in my opinion, is a psychological illness, as it is a delusion; a delusion, in which one believes that oneself is better than others. Despite the blatantly obvious fact that every human was born equal and that wealth, social status, and race does not make someone better than others.

The commonly victimized races are Indians and Africans (includes African-Americans and others of similar nature), due to their difference in skin colors. However, despite one’s belief that he or she is superior to Indians and Africans, there are countless Indians and Africans who surpass the average person. For example, an average person is incomparable with Gandhi, who in most if not all aspects, surpass any other average person, due to his dedication and stern belief of non-violence.

It is the belief of racism and discrimination of one individual that causes the future generations and uprising generation to inherit these horrendous mindsets. It is scientifically proven that family members, especially parents have a big influence regarding the child’s beliefs and actions in the future. To combat racism, it is our duty to STOP the idea, and accept that every race is equal, and that there is no inferior race.


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