Children Are Our Victims: Nayati

<I know that I rarely post stuff directly related to me/the community I’m in, but this is important and serious.>

It is said that children are our future, the leaders of the next generation. However, how can we, the children, be the hope and leaders of the next generation if we are constantly being targeted by those of this generation? Children are specifically targeted by abductors, terrorist organizations, and militaries as our deaths cause massive uproar and severe social effects.


Early yesterday, at approximately 7.30 am, a 7th grade boy (named Nayati Moodliar) was abducted by two Indian men in a Gen 2 black Proton (with a fake plate number: WNH 1356) in Mont Kiara, Malaysia. Why they would do such a thing and why they would target a child intrigues and disturbs me at the same time. With no motif uncovered, and no contact from the abductors, the whole community (being those from the school, and those in Malaysia) is in the shadows.

General Information:

– Height: 150 cm

– 12 years old

– Mix origin: Indian and caucasian

– Dutch nationality

If you have any information about this, please contact the police at 999 or Mont Kiara International School at 03-2093-8604. Prove to the world and the Moodliars that there is still hope in this generation and that we care for their son.

For constant updates:


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