Children – Symbols of Purity?

From the beginning of mankind, children have been idolized as symbols of purity. As ‘pure beings’, children have been portrayed as cherubs and even used to fight holy wars such as the crusades, due to their assumed purity. One that is pure is essentially thought to possess immunity against negative emotions such as jealousy, greed, and anger. However, is it true that children innately possess this innocence and purity?

Just a stroll to a restaurants or a grocery store would definitely prove otherwise. In order to obtain what they wish – whether it be trivial things such as another person’s toys and sweets, or even things of more importance such as food – children whine and occasionally throw temper tantrums. Such examples provide blatant proof that children are vulnerable to jealousy, greed, and anger. This leads to the conclusion that children aren’t born ‘pure’. However, skeptics might question whether or not the children have been exposed to these negative emotions by adults, and possibly corrupted. Adults are known to have significant impact on a growing child, as children’s minds are vulnerable at that stage; however, characteristics such as jealousy, greed, and anger are not only displayed by six and seven year olds but also new-born babies, who are also known to throw temper tantrums in order to get milk or have their diapers changed.

In conclusion, the assumption that children are ‘good’ should be thrown away and they should be treated as normal people. They are human after all.


One response to “Children – Symbols of Purity?

  1. Well obviously children aren’t immune to negative emotions as they all obtain them in the end.

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