Homosexuality: It’s Just Love

<Hi all! Sorry for a few months of inactivity again… I’ve been tied with stuff… Mostly exams and what not… However, to make it up for all of you, here is a VERY controversial issue ^^ ENJOY!>

The fundamental question that the general populous asks to determine whether something is moral or not is “is it legal?” But then, what about homosexuality? Gay marriage is illegal in many nations, therefore does that mean homosexuality is immoral? The answered would be no.

Through the manipulation of the laws that the conservatives and traditionalists world wide have wedged into the minds of the people that homosexuality is a sin and that homosexuals are people with mental disorders.

As the gay rights movement has gained momentum through wide spread awareness and the advocacy of many famous and influential figures of our time, people are slowly beginning to realize that liking a person of the same gender is not something to be ashamed of or scared of. However, there are still many who oppose the integrated society of both homosexuals and heterosexuals with equal rights.

In order to achieve equality between the two orientations, we must identify what causes people to believe that homosexuality is wrong? The main reason people are against legalizing gay marriage and socially accepting gays and lesbians is fear.

People are afraid of homosexuality. This is because people see it as something new and foreign, and just like our own bodies, the first reaction is to reject it. What a majority of anti-gay protestors fail to see is that homosexuality has been present in society since the time of the ancient civilizations, such as Greece and Rome. Not only was homosexuality present in those ancient civilizations, it was wide spread and socially accepted.

In romance novels and movies, it always talks about how true love knows no boundaries. Why can’t we accept the same principles for homosexuality? After all, homosexuality is simply love. How can society come in between two lovers and say they cannot be just because they are two people of the same gender? Based on the same logic, would two people from the same race not be allowed to share love either? Gays and lesbians have been hated on and shunned from humanity long enough. It is time for gays and lesbians to be given the right and freedom to love and become a family that the rest of the world already possesses.


8 responses to “Homosexuality: It’s Just Love

  1. Fascinating take on Homosexuality, but simply reducing the hostility towards sexuality to simple fear is neglecting some of the main reason, namely RELIGION and BELIEF. Which informs people’s opinions and world view…

    • But now the question I would pose to you is what constituted to the formation of such a stance by that religion? In my opinion (seeing that religious texts were written around a few millenniums ago when homosexuality was still a semi-foreign concept) it was fear.

  2. A bit early to conclude on that don’t you think? considering you stated that back in ancient Rome, Greece! Then perhaps adding even up Ur, sumatra and Sodom and Gomorrah if you take biblical accounts Homosexuality was quite rampant… if not the Norm, so saying it’s fear is refusing to see that the foundation of their faith is that religious text are not written by an eternal being therefore ageless! 🙂

    • Hence why I said ‘semi-foreign’ concept due to its existence and semi-acceptance… And I sort of got lost towards the end of your comment 😛 sorry!

  3. Fear is removed as a factor the moment you factor in the fact that in Judeo-Christian-esque faith God is eternal and as such his words too are… by that logic a conclusion is drawn that it can never grow old and is valid or true for all ages…

      • Then i guess your argument shouldn’t be whether it’s God’s word, cus they believe so… your question should be, is there a God?

      • Well not necessarily… Hear me out here, I am religious (I’m Catholic by the way) and I’m sort of basing this last argument on the Bible. The bible was written not by Jesus himself but by his disciples (around a hundred years after his dead). This, in my opinion opens up the gate way to imperfection, miscommunication, etc that could make god’s once eternal words into one that isn’t so eternal and corrupted by human ideas.

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