Religion in Relation to Time and Society

In the beginning of mankind, the belief of a ‘higher being’ has existed and has even played a very dominant role in people’s lives. Even after millenniums this fact remains to be true and unchanged. Despite the increasing number of atheists, 88.54% of the world remains to be religious (according to data collected in 2009 by the Central Intelligence Agency). To put it into perspective, around 6.25 billion people believe in a religion of sort, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or even Buddhism. Some of these religious people can be very extreme in their belief and the way they practice ideas advocated within their religious text, such as being against gay marriage and not drinking alcohol. However, for some of these beliefs there is a major question that is often raised. To what extent are these religious texts and the ideas within them applicable to modern society? Furthermore have they taken into consideration that these religious texts have been written before the development of some modern beliefs (such as gay marriage) and that these texts were possibly made to fit the ideas of that time rather than forever?

I know this is a short post, but I’m very curious about what answers you’ll give to the two questions I asked at the end. So either comment here or send me an inbox on the ArtyyShire Facebook page!


One response to “Religion in Relation to Time and Society

  1. in india, there is 1 belief that, when u r getting married,before that u hv 2 collect the water frm a temple in south and then reach to a temple which is in north india.this was to bring whole country together. so logical it is.means believes were made very logical but their formats are distorted by selfish human beings.

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