Moving Forward With America

A few days ago, the people of “most influential country in the world”, also known as America, took to the polls to decide the fate of America; whether it continue to lie in the hands of the current President, Barack Obama, or pass it on to the wealthy businessman, Mitt Romney. The results for the elections were 303 to 206 (in terms of the electoral votes) and 50% to 48% (in terms of the popular vote), in favor of Barack Obama. As such Obama has been re-elected for presidency. Now enough of things that you already know… Now for my opinion… (this post should’ve probably been posted prior to the elections, but I’ve been very busy so I apologize for that)

There have been many conflicting views regarding the reelection of President Obama. Many believe that he doesn’t stick to his words and isn’t to be trusted, because he didn’t keep many of the promises he made during the 2008 elections. However, in my opinion, I believe that President Obama, despite the lack of progress and improvement he brought to America in his current term, will definitely make drastic changes next term, seeing that he is no longer chained down by the financial crisis and the aftermath of the Bush administration. Also, Obama is clearly the better alternative candidate, Mitt Romney. I’m saying this because of I found Romney’s foreign policy regarding two key countries (for the international community), China and Afghanistan, absurd. Despite how America possesses a couple trillion dollars of loans, which they received from China, he wished to take an aggressive stance towards them, because of how it is a currency-manipulating country. With regards to Afghanistan, Romney’s foreign policy was to keep American forces in Afghanistan in order to help them rebuild. However, there is a major flaw with this policy because the increased duration of American presence, merely leads to American dependency and increased hostility towards Americans from the locals. This is counter productive as with more people hostile towards the Americans, that means more people that could possibly default to terrorism/extremism. Obama’s foreign policy is more logical and harmonious than Romney’s. But without going on and on about how Obama is better, the conclusion is that it is a good thing that Obama got reelected, and the next term is the time for “real change” (which ironically is what Romney promised on eve of election day).


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