Indie Games

Why hello there. My name is Mark and I will be another guest writer on le Artyyshire (This guy collects guest writers like pokemon cards). Anyway, if one were to ask me how I would describe myself in a sentence or less, I would say, a well raised full blooded Filipino who doesn’t have a Filipino accent that was born in Kuwait. And just for the record, no I am not a maid, and neither is anyone in my family. Sorry if I offended anyone.

So the reason why I’m writing on this blog in the first place, besides the fact that Shinshin wanted some writers, is because I am here to talk about Videogames. Now, now, don’t worry my children, I’m not one of those steak heads who just talk about how the newest Call of Duty is a beast of a game. Side note, I saw some gameplay and it does look pretty amazing. No, the reason why I’m here is because I wanna talk about Indie Games that we should look out for or just have in our roster of video games. 2 in particular if I have to be honest with you.


Unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure ya’ll have either played the game or at least seen gameplay. I cannot stress on how fun this game is. So the main objective of the game is to collect 8 pieces of paper and the only thing that will help you see is as flashlight that is slowly dying. Oh and to add to it, your being chased by scary, no faced, tall, skinny man, who has tentacles growing out of his back. Creepy stuff. The best part is that this game is completely free. I have to admit, I was really skeptical about the game at first, but when you play it for the first time and get that first jump scare, that out right scared the poopsicles out of me. Heh Heh, poopsicles.

2.Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine

So, I got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that this game is coming out sometime this year. The bad news is that this gaming company said that it would be released in 2011 then later on postponed it to late 2011, and now 2012. But ALAS! We shouldn’t lose any hope at all. One of the reasons is because the game looks oh so very promising indeed. I mean this game did win one of the 2010 Independent Games Festival Awards, if that means anything to you in the first place. The basic idea of the game is that you are a group of thieves working together with your friends. Now each individual thief has their own special ability giving this game tons of replay value. You could think of it as a video game version of Oceans 11. Anyway, you work together with your team by taking advantage of each others abilities inorder to steal the goodies cause we all love goodies don’t we?

So there you have it. Two freshly shown indie games that will give a little flair on your lonely or sociable weekends.

Peace and Love


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