Music Genre Stereotypes

Hello there, Blogworld! My name is Faris but you can call me Farisimo, I will be yet another addition to the ‘guest writers’. Anyways, about me, well, currently I am living in Hong Kong, but I am a Singaporean by blood. But I feel the most important thing about me is music. I compose music, play a few instruments, and much more. I also have a ‘growing’ musical ‘career’ on soundcloud: Feel free to drop by and listen to it if you would want!

Now, onto much more meaningful things. Whether you like it or not, there are many stereotypes in this world. But lets focus more on the stereotypes that are based on music genre; many people make inferences about certain genres like saying ‘I can make this music in 10 minutes’ or ‘This doesn’t take skill, since there aren’t any instruments playing’. As you might have guessed, based on my music, I’ll talk about the stereotyping of electronic music, specifically dance music. People usually think of this genre as not meaningful or “inhuman” as there aren’t any instruments involved in the making. But, in fact, there is more to it. Electronic music and all other variations of music are a medium of human creativity. Without creativity, you won’t be able to make or compose music, whether it be with a guitar or another instrument. Before the 80’s and 90’s when there was a rise in rock, Jazz musicians made stereotyped rock music saying that it doesn’t require skill or creativity just because its simplicity, but in reality, it is creativity that drives both genres. So whether you make a beat on your drum set, strum your guitar, or play your midi controller, you are making music regardless of genre.

I believe that the grouping of songs in genres is misleading. I simply, do not believe in it. The reason is, as an artist, I would not want to be associated with a specific genre. I don’t want to be lumped into a stereotyped group or be misjudged merely because of the genre of music I create. The truth is, many artists usually don’t fall under one genre. Even if a certain type of music is labeled as ‘pop’, it’s possible that the music could be ‘pop rock’ or even ‘pop culture’. As you can see, being framed into one specific type of music is a generalization, and with it, it defines music in the wrong ways. Another example of how artists are mislabeled is shown by the multi Grammy award-winning band named Linkin Park who happens to be my favorite band (don’t judge). They are a fusion of many types of music from electronica to rock to hip hop and many other variations. When they first started they were lumped into the Nu-Metal genre where they were very embarrassed to be in since it was the type of genre at the type was popular but infamous at the same time, because of its teen-angst lyric driven songs. When they wanted to evolve into different types of music it was difficult, since they were stereotyped as whatever the Nu-metal genre was stereotyped as at the time. Even though they continue to make different kinds of music, they always end up being associated back to the stereotypes and generalizations of Nu-metal.

There you have it! My first post on this blog. This was my take on music genres and the stereotypes they hold. Be sure to check me out on soundcloud!

Love you all,

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