Interdependence of Mankind

Some tend to believe that man is an independent creature that can live in solitary. However, this is a misconception. Humans are societal creatures that relies on other of its kind in order to thrive. This theory is applicable to mankind throughout all ages, whether it be in the prehistoric times or modern times. During the time of Neanderthals and cavemen, humans highly depended on each other. No man or women existed as a single unit, but in a group. These people worked together in order to obtain food and relied on each other for warm.

Even after a thousand years, humans continue to exist as gears of a bigger ‘machine’. More than ever before in human history, man is dependent on others, as in modern society, it is near-impossible for someone to live without coming into contact/depending on other human beings. Though we may not acknowledge it, we depend on others for a variety of things such as food, money, and even emotions. Whether it be going to the market to buy food, working at a corporation, or even gossiping to a friend due to frustration, all of this is an example of depending on others. Therefore, instead of trying to isolate oneself from the inevitable – interdependence – one should try to accept it and try to help others when they are in need, as that is what propels society in the right direction.


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