Change in America

America was once a land of opportunities and second chances, but now, it has changed into a land of danger and insecurity. Over the course of the past few months, many grim events that will be scorched into the memories of all have taken place in America, such as the Aurora shootings and the Connecticut shootings. The second amendment that was included into the American constitution in 1791, must be reconsidered.

What may have been necessary to ensure security in the late 1700s, is now unnecessary and in fact, counter productive. This right to bear arms has been exploited by criminals as it makes it easier for them to possess these arms and in turn carry out devastating acts. It is due to the right to bear arms that 33 deaths and 23 injuries in 2007 (Virginia Tech), 12 deaths and 59 injuries in 2012 (Aurora), 27 deaths and 2 injuries in 2012 (Connecticut) occurred. The simple truth is that the reasons to repeal the gun law out numbers the reasons to keep it (if there are any valid reasons to keep it at all) by far.

Even if people believe the right to bear arms brings some sense of security to society, what people must take into account is that the best way of improving security and ensuring safety of the people is not by arming them. The government must take action and take matters into its own hands. It should try to mitigate the dangers present within society, rather than irresponsibly letting people bear arms and take their security into their own hands. The government of the United States of America must show the world and its people that America is not a victim of its own people and it owns laws. It must show that it can take action to prevent atrocities such as the recent shootings. The first action that the government should take is repealing the second amendment. By doing so, the first steps to achieving stability and peace within America would have been taken.


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