Editorial: Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve when I’m writing this, and at night, millions of children will go to sleep wishing that Santa, the biggest childhood lie that’s been told for generations and even more to come, will put a present beneath their Christmas trees instead of a chunk of coal.

I’ve always loved Christmas. It’s full of surprises and it seems to be more festive than all the other holidays such as New Years. While New Years just seems to be about resolutions, reunions, and fireworks, Christmas seems to be about all that plus more.

But even though I love Christmas, there are quite a few things I never really understood about Christmas. I know that Santa is the ‘evolution’ of a figure in the olden times who used to go around town giving food to the poor, but where did the whole idea of Santa only giving presents to nice children come from? Also, why does Santa give coal to naughty children? Shouldn’t he give nothing instead?

But that’s just my rant for today. Merry Christmas everybody!


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