New York City: The Afterwords

I understand that I’m probably two months late in writing this post but better late then never no? Anyways, for those that don’t know, two months ago I travelled to the “city that never sleeps”, New York City.

The thing about NYC is that it’s always been called the greatest city in the world and so on. However, I never understood what was so brilliant about NYC. To be honest I still don’t. Even though I don’t believe NYC is “the greatest city in the world” I do think it is pretty magnificent.

When you begin to walk down the streets and avenues of NYC, it feels as if you’ve been thrown into the land of giants. You feel dwarfed by the huge windows that are nearly thrice your size. The food portions are also double the average portions in other countries. While a sandwich in Asia can easily fit into your hands, a sandwich in NYC can barely fit into your hands and no matter how many times you bite it, it never seems to shrink. The fact that the city is so big is already just… Woah… but the city has more to it than just its size. The whole city is an architectural masterpiece. The iron brick buildings, the detailed statues all around the city, and the positioning of a beautiful and magnificent park in the center of all this won my heart over. It is definitely one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to.

Now you may be asking yourself, you’ve described NYC as such a wonderful place, but you don’t think it’s the greatest city in the world? Well the answer to that question (whether you were asking yourself that) is yes. Appearance wise, the city is amazing. The way it looks is modern, elegant, and unique. However, the city as a whole isn’t what I would classify as great. There are many reasons as to why I say this. The first one being the people. If you go into a Restraunt or a store you’re bound to encounter an employee that will keep bugging you and ask countless times, “is there anything you need help with” or “do you need anything”. While people may begin to argue that such service is A+ quality, the way they say it is just… No. Every time I heard those phrases I felt a bitter taste in my mouth because even though they may be saying such nice things and offering to help, it seems they’re forcing it out of them and what they really mean is “do what ever you have to do quick and just get out of my sight”. Of course this might just be me, but this is the general feel I got from most of the people, not just the workers. In addition to that, New York just isn’t what it’s made out to be. I know people who talk about walking down the streets of New York and feeling the energy of the city build up within them. Ladies and gentlemen, for those who actually believe this to be true, it’s definitely not. The only thing you feel is the wind blowing at your face and people bumping into you.

While New York is made out to be such an amazing place, the truth is, besides its physical appearance and modern feel, New York is just another city.

P.S. I don’t hate New York. I love how it looks, especially Central Park. How beautiful Central Park is in autumn is impossible to portray with words. If you want to see a bunch of photos from New York, check out my Flickr set linked below with all my photos from NYC!

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