A Technological World

Winter break has finally started and I’m going to try updating the blog at least three times a week during this break (not sure if I can accomplish it, but at least I have a goal of some sort). Anyways, I’m back in Korea to spend the winter and admire the wonderful snow. Today, whilst going around the city via subway, I glanced around the cart I was in and noticed just how many people were using their phones or their electronic devices. With the exception of three people, one of whom was asleep, everyone was using their electronic device, which they were using to call, text, game, and even listen to music. This observation actually triggered a revelation of just how much mankind has become dependent on technology.

We’ve hit that point in time where technology has saturated our lives and it would be virtually impossible for us to live without it. From just simply daily tasks such as walking, to complicated one, such as crafting and labor, technology has become an essential gear in the bigger machine work of society that allows it to run. From merely going through a part of a day, it’s easy to portray how much our society relies on technology. When we wake up, we wake up with the aid of an alarm clock or even a phone. After we wake up, we go to get a drink of water from the fridge. Use the stove to cook breakfast. Ride the elevator down to your car that you’ll take to work.

All these things have become so integrated into our lives that we don’t notice that we are highly dependent on machines.But our dependence on machines aren’t necessarily a bad thing – it actually increase our productivity, most of the times – but it’s an interesting point to observe, since merely a few decades ago we didn’t live like this. We lived in a time of darkness and physical labor. However, now, we live in a technological world where technology is a major part of our lives.

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