52 Week Challenge!

So a while back I subscribed to a very inspiring blog called http://findingsubjects.com/. I thought the way he posted a photo and added a commentary-ish thing on top of it was very new and different (well at least for me) and I thought to myself that I’d play with the idea of doing posts like him. But of course, I got busy (as usual). In January I had exams and I went off to the Hague, Netherlands to participate in THIMUN and following that, I had to make up all the work I missed. So, like always, I neglected my blog. Now I’m not as busy and I’ve decided to take on a challenge! The 52 week challenge! Okay, I know most people do 365 days, but I know thats definitely not gonna work out, so I chose something more feasible.

So the plan is, every week I’m going to upload at least one photo (not a set, but an individual photo) and add sort of like a commentary along side of it. There won’t be a word limit or anything with the commentary, it could be a sentence or even a full-on post. It’s something to keep my blog constantly active, even though it may not be something overly fancy. So wish me luck for the challenge and I promise I’ll write something (for those who don’t like the photos) soon.

Click the links below to see posts for each week! 🙂

Week #1: Belated Valentines

Week #2: The Steel Violin

Week #3: Hopes and Wishes

Week #4: Free-lensing

Week #5: Be Different

Week #6: Know No Barriers

Week #6.5: Experimenting

Week #7: The Waiting Game

Week #8: Different Paths

Week #9: The Return

Week #10: Central Park

Week #11: The Sky

Week #12: A Jump Back in Time

Week #13: Stuck in Time

Week #14: The Fallen

Week #15: The Uncertainty

Week #16: Accidental Findings

Week #17: Flower Haven

Week #18: Scenic Views

Week #19: The Acia

Week #20: Colors in the Sky

Week #21: The Photographer’s Dilemma

Week #22: Curiosity

Week #23: Portraits and the Sun

Week #24: Festival of Lights

Week #25: Portraits and Colors

Week #26: Festive Season

Week #27: Mountainscapes

Week #28: Back In Time (Korea)

Week #29: Amsterdam

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