Week #2: The Steel Violin


Until a few years ago,  I was forced by not only my school but also my parents to play an instrument. The instrument that I was forced to played was the violin. Of course, at first I found it highly intriguing and some what joyful. After a couple of weeks, that sensation faded away and playing violin ended up becoming torture. I used to have violin lessons once a week, and for those 45 minutes, I was in indescribable mental pain. Okay, I’m probably exaggerating with all this, but it was a burden to me. Every single time I put up my violin to play, I felt as if I was holding a steel violin and all that weight was pressing down on me.

But now that I look back, playing the violin wasn’t so bad. Of course, I was terrible at it and it wasn’t much fun, but the things I experienced during the time I played are interesting and unique, and that makes for a good story no?


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