Google Glass: A Daring Project of Innovation

The development and integration of new technologies into our lives occurs constantly. We live in a society which is surrounded by technology and it plays a significant role in our lives. However, this new project by Google, called Google Glass, is a daring project to overturn the current relation we have with technology.

Until now, there has been some what of a divide between technology and our daily lives apart from working or studying. Although social networking sites and other recent developments have decreased the barrier in the relationship of people and technology, this project takes the people-technology relationship to the next level. It erases the fine border between the two and integrates them together. Now, daily life and technology is used simultaneously, opening a new gateway of possibilities for future creations.

Asides from how innovative the concept of Google Glass is, I found other things regarding Google Glass highly interesting. One of the thing is the high quality video it is able to shoot from a first-person point of view, which therefore renders the GoPro nearly useless as Google Glass is just like the GoPro, but with so many additional capabilities that can be used for conventional usage not just for filming purposes.

In conclusion, I think the idea of Google Glass is a step in a new direction of change. However, we still have no set date of release, making us wonder, “How long before it comes and changes how our lives function?” I guess these videos and events showcasing Google Glass are probably all part of Google’ marketing strategy – making us all wait on the edge of our seats. And I have to say, they are doing a pretty awesome job at it. I can’t wait till it comes out (even though I might not buy it haha).

P.S. Links to the Google Glass videos are below!

New Concept Video (10 months after the original, with more updates):

Original Concept Video:

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