Week #7: The Waiting Game…

IMG_9482The thing that I’ve noticed with photography is that you really have to be patient. Even for simple shots such as this, you have to know how to play the waiting game.

This photo was taken in a bustling temple on the first day of Chinese New Year – and for those who don’t know how big Chinese New Year is, think of it as New Year’s Eve times a gazillion. We waited for quite a while (not super long because this is a very simple shot) just to get this perfect. I’m not usually the patient type, but I really enjoyed that wait. It was sort of a bonding time between me and my dad, which is hard to come by, since we don’t really have a “connection”. But while we played the waiting game, our passion for photography overtook us and we began to connect. We started to discuss things about photography and that led to other things. I found that connection, which transpired from a mere wait, to be very valuable and enlightening.

And that, is another reason why I love taking photos. 

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