In The Flesh

We see the familiar layout of “Before” and “After” pictures of humans all the time. Plastic surgery is the science and art of sculpting the flesh of mankind. Altering human shape and physique. Improving and hindering lives as we speak. There are certain pros and cons to the constantly expanding field of surgery linked to our well-being.

Plastic surgery has been instrumental in saving the lives of burn victims or people born with certain physiological disorders. It strives to mold flesh to reduce discomfort and assist the development of a healthy life. Without it, people with disorders related to the shape of body would continue to suffer. Quality of life would remain poor, resulting in a waste of invaluable lives. Burn victims would find difficulty in integrating back into society, as people would be hesitant to accept their deformed visages. However, this notion itself should set off alarms that our society is one that bases social acceptance on ones appearance. Unfortunately, plastic surgery is often used to promote this very thing. It first began with famous models and actors and actresses alike desiring plastic surgeries. They wanted to improve their work, which is quite understandable as most of their work consists of physical appearance. The desire to keep their careers going demanded younger looking actors and thus a sudden increase in the demand for a drug used to eradicate wrinkles was needed. Botox was used across prominent figures to improve their facial muscles. Due to society’s overwhelming desire to be like celebrities, this trend spread among citizens in the western world. The trend also came with physical side effects related to the use of the drug. Although the physical side effects may have been temporary, the emotional side effects that it is incurring on society are almost irreversible.

The need to be accepted among ones peers is a goal that is shared amongst age groups, especially the critical phase of adolescence. Adolescents across the western world are requesting for breast implants, nose jobs, and face-lifts because they feel insecure about their bodies – and they have every right to. One should have complete decision over how the feel about their body but this reveals a lot to us about what our society has come to. That people are in fear of going to school because they are afraid of being isolated, being different from others. Consequently, the bullying, self harm, shootings, and suicide rates in high schools will only increase with a continued dysfunctional unity among students. Society should be embracing diversity. Plastic surgery is only promoting this harmful psychological pandemic of insecurity. The mentality of our world must look beyond the skin structures of each other and instead look toward the beauty of our minds.

So I ask you this readers: should hospitals disallow botox and other plastic surgeries that are not life threatening? Will this help deter the pervasive mindset that has infected so many individuals? I hope this was some food for thought for you all and I hope that it has broadened your horizons a little more!


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