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A lot of people I know have planned out what they want to do with the rest of their lives, beyond high school, while I’m still trying to figure out my place in this world.
There are many things I’d like to do or become, actually. I have always loved to travel, and I think it would be delightful to be paid to travel and write about my experiences abroad. Nonetheless, I realize that this is literally a “dream job” that I have very slim chances of encountering, especially since there are so many talented writers with better potential. Another profession I wouldn’t mind taking up is in the field of marketing, as either a director or consultant for businesses. How consumer trends begin and cease continues to fascinate me, while the consumerist culture continues to grow internationally as well. Nonetheless, I have very limited knowledge on the topic at hand, so I’d need ample amounts of free time to catch up on any information I’ve missed up until now. So many pathways seem to be open, but once I take a closer look, I realize my options are extremely limited.
Although the doom of my nearing future is imminent – I am confused now more than ever – there has been one, clear goal I have clung to throughout all the days I’ve spent thinking and rethinking the life ahead of me. One aim that I know I want to achieve is being admirable. This can be seen as quite a vague and unquantifiable task, but the idea of being admirable to others seems incredibly rewarding, for so many reasons.

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