Week #16: Accidental Findings

For a while, I was in the fantastic city of Oxford and I was walking through the city one day and stumbled across a really really beautiful place, with a luscious garden/quad and a fancy building. I just assumed that it was some rich person’s grandiose house. A couple weeks later, I went to visit Trinity college, because that is what you do in Oxford, go visit colleges. When I got to the other side of Trinity, guess what I realize? The beautiful place was in fact Trinity college. It took me a while to get, and until then I was thinking how similar and familiar the whole place was. It was an accidental finding, but it was a good experience, and to add on to that, I think the photo turned out really well ^^.


I got quite a lot of photos from England, so the next few weeks and possibly a few months will be photos from there! 🙂


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