Hannah Who?

Whether you’re into pop music or not (I’m the latter), theres no denying the recurring pattern of stardom various artists go through to reinvent themselves. Let’s face it, the music industry is a tough business, it’s difficult to balance the fame, talent and personal life. Something that even pop stars have in common with us is that they age. Time changes us all, and pop stars see it as an opportunity to alter their images.

The intense crave for continued fame drives singers to shock the world again and again to get on the front page of any magazine. Just look at lady Gaga, she’s practically known for her “shock factor”. I mean, who else shows up to the MTV awards with an outfit made entirely out of meat? Absurd isn’t it? But it sure did get people talking! These ridiculous actions may not be the wisest moves for a pop star to make, but they prove to be very beneficial to their continued fame. Artists are constantly reinventing themselves. Another example is Beyonce, remember when she changed her name to Sasha Fierce? Or how about Madona, how long has she been around for? But possibly the most shocking for me thus far has been Disney star Hannah Montanna’s recent image change. What happened to the sweet country girl we all knew? She reinvented herself by changing her hair, learning some “different” dance moves, and recently released a new music video for her song “We can’t stop”. Yes we can’t deny she is growing up and that she has every right to take on a more adult approach to her work now, but what irks me the most is what she’s saying to her massive following. Miley’s fanbase demographics mainly consist of young girls. Her song promotes: drugs, vulgar dancing, and rebellious attitudes. Imagine what all her die hard followers are thinking? Millions of young girls following Miley by example. The irony is that all though Miley is trying to show she’s grown up, she’s not being very mature at all. A mature, well informed artist would realize the consequences of their actions and would set a good example for the next generations to come.

I suppose its a decision artists have to make, whether they want to live fame filled lives or send a good message out. Or can artists have both? Thats subjective on what your definition of a good message is. Regardless, viewers should at least be conscious of what they’re listening to. Whether it’s Miley cyrus or the beetles, if the viewer makes a conscious effort to understand the lyrics then at least the audience can begin making choices for themselves. And whether you’re in it for the fame or the good message, artists should think about the implications of their actions on their fan bases or lets face it, maybe they aren’t as deserving of all the fame and fortune after all.

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